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February 18, 2014 , the BRIC Annual Conference

A strategic vision for a smart region integrating ICTs
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The opportunities offered by new technologies for regional challenges and concrete projects for the next legislature were presented during the BRIC Annual Conference, February the 18th.

The BRIC has developed a strategic vision for a smart region integrating ICTs for sustainable development. In this context, guest speakers focused on many important issues:

Mr. Marcelo Garcia, Execution Strategy Consultant. Mr. Garcia is a technology broadband and related media expert;
Mr. Thierry Leblond, General Armament Engineer and Director of SAS squill, CCTV systems specialist. Mr. Leblond gave us an overview of CCTV solutions implemented in Paris;
Mr. Philippe Coppens, Service Infrastructure Projects (BRIC). Mr. Coppens shared with us the latest developments about the Regional Data Center;
Mr. Marc Uyttendaele, Lawyer, Professor at the ULB, expert in government reform. Mr. Uyttendaele specified the consequences of the 6th State reform for the Brussels Region ;
Mrs Brigitte Grouwels, Brussels Minister in charge of IT. Mrs Grouwels assessed the legislature on the IT plan.

The BRIC Annual Conference - De documents

Mr. Marcelo Garcia - Smart Cities
Mr. Thierry Leblond - Vidéoprotection
Mr. Philippe Coppens - DCR