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European Cybersecurity Month Toolkit

European Cybersecurity Month Toolkit
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European Cybersecurity Month celebrates its 10th anniversary! Considering the amount of online dangers we are facing these days, it is a good time to have a look at some simple tips and tricks to improve your cybersecurity. Follow the guide!

We use a multitude of digital tools every day to communicate, share and buy. Our daily lives are increasingly connected, yet our vigilance against digital dangers is on the decrease.

This is why the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has launched European Cybersecurity Month. The goal of this annual EU-wide awareness campaign is to spread the word about cybersecurity threats and help citizens acquire the skills they need to protect themselves against cyber threats.

To protect yourself online, there is a whole range of resources you can consult and share extensively! Here is a small selection:

As a trusted IT partner, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) works on a daily basis to protect the Brussels-Capital Region from the computer attacks of which it is increasingly often the target. It does so by implementing its information security and data protection strategy and introducing and strengthening technological and technical protection solutions.

In addition, a workgroup led by the BRIC was recently created to establish guidelines and best practices on information security and data protection. This will enable the Brussels Region to become more mature in the face of security incidents. Communication on this subject is planned for a later date.

And remember: cybersecurity is everyone's business!

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