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Entreprendre/Ondernemen 2.0 business fair – Digital First

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Entreprendre 2.0 business fair

This year, the Entreprendre/Ondernemen business fair celebrated its 15th birthday by joining forces with Digital First, creating the Entreprendre/Ondernemen 2.0.

Digital systems are omnipresent and changing society. This new version of the fair allowed entrepreneurs, starters and self-employed workers as well as the heads of SMEs and very small businesses to become familiar with the digitalisation of their business.

Over 7,000 professionals and 200 exhibitors met to attend almost 140 lectures, including speakers from conventional big businesses (ING, UCM, Orange and others) as well as digital companies (Amazon, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.).

A start-up lab was also set up, enabling young entrepreneurs, investors and mentors to meet and talk about their projects. Over 200 start-ups were present.

The BRIC took part in this event as a representative of Smart City and Be Digital at the booth of the Brussels-Capital Region. Furthermore, all the organisations advising or financing businesses in Brussels were present: ‘1819, Doing business in Brussels’: Evoliris,,, actiris, Job Yourself, Beci,,, and many others.

Giving all of these public players a place at one and the same booth allowed entrepreneurs to easily find the information they were looking for and benefit from the expertise of 1819.

Many thanks to 1819 for having offered us this visibility. It was a pleasure to work with them!