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E-mails with extension .brussels!

3000 e-mails with extension .brussels!
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At the end of April, another wave of 500 e-mail addresses was migrated to .brussels! They were mainly used by the offices of ministers and secretaries of state in the Brussels government.

To contact a member of staff in one of theses offices, you can now use the formula: fist letter of the first name attached to the surname, followed by

The addresses have been updated on the regional portal, in the "About the Region" section under "Regional Government".

Almost 3,000 addresses used by 23 regional and municipal bodies now have a .brussels extension! This is part of the City Marketing project developed since 2012 that aims to create a strong identity for the Brussels Region.

The e-mail address migration went smoothly, without any major complications.

However, certain websites may not yet accept the .brussels extension. You could have received an error message when you tried to subscribe to a newsletter, a conference, a blog, etc.

The fact that a TLD (Top Level Domain) consists of more than three letters, as is the case with .brussels, has unfortunately not yet been accepted by all websites.

The BRIC cannot do a great deal to rectify this problem. You need to inform the webmasters of these sites that they have to update to accept TLDs with more than three letters (which will increasingly be the case as exustensions such as .vlaanderen, .restaurant, .education, etc. are set to become commonplace).

If necessary, you can use the old extension "" temporarily, as it is to remain valid for another few months.