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Drones to support the Brusssels region

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Did you notice all the press coverage for the Brussels-Capital Region’s drone service last week? It was talked about in many media – from  RTL, RTBF, BX1, L’Avenir to HLN, VRT and Bruzz – to name a few!

Did you know that the BRIC has been providing Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS) with the drones currently active on our regional territory since 2017? Six of the drones are deployed during outside administrative and judiciary police actions, while the other two are meant for inside use.

BPS’ record of achievements this year will look quite positive: 240 flight hours and 187 interventions in total, which have become more varied over time: at first, the drones primarily allowed for law enforcement during rallies, however, now they are also used in the war against drug trafficking, raids and risky interventions. They have also proven to be a great help in missing person searches and when exploring the inside of an unstable or burning building: our fire fighters no longer have to risk their lives!

For now, the eight operative devices and their pilots, fulfill a support function for our six police districts, Brussels Mobility and SIAMU, but we bet that this is only beginning!