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DPS – renewing equipment

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The Digital Public Space is a not-for-profit public place offering a programme that provides access, initiation and assistance with regard to information and communication technologies. This space has IT equipment that is accessible to the general public and connected to the Internet.

The BRIC’s DPS Service provides the IT equipment required.


To date, 17 DPS have been equipped by the BRIC: DPS Anderlecht – DPS Auderghem – DPS Berchem Saint-Agathe – DPS Etterbeek – DPS Evere – DPS Forest – DPS Ganshoren – DPS Ixelles – DPS Jette – DPS Molenbeek – DPS Saint-Gilles – DPS Saint-Josse-ten-Noode - DPS Schaerbeek - DPS Watermael-Boitsfort - DPS Woluwe-Saint-Lambert - DPS Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and very recently, DPS Koekelberg.

The first DPS supported by the BRIC was equipped in 2008, i.e. 10 years ago.

The BRIC has therefore decided to renew the equipment in the DPS. An annual budget of € 100,000 including VAT is set aside to renew equipment or install new DPS. This budget has to be divided among four DPS (approximately € 25,000 including VAT per DPS).
Having taken care of Evere, St Josse and Woluwé-Saint-Lambert, this year the BRIC is turning its attention to St Gilles, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Boitsfort and Berchem-St-Agathe.


We will be sure to keep you informed.