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Discover the update to the "card" tool on the site!

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To improve the ergonomics, the card tool and the card management tool (in the profile part) have been combined to create a more coherent interface.


What's new in the interface?

  • The interface has been revised by group of functionalities
  • Immediate identification of the displayed card (Title field) and its metadata
  • Ability to zoom in to a selected zone
  • Simplification of card saving
  • Ability to close a card and restart the tool

Better card management!

To improve card management, we have:

  • made it easier to select both public and private existing cards (Search tool)
  • made it easier to manage access to your cards (Share with another user in consultation or modification mode or as an administrator)

And what about the management of layers and the search zone for adding layers?

They have both been combined into one interface to facilitate these manipulations.

Discover the update here!

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