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Creation of a Smart City Office

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Brussels Smart City

In its regional policy declaration 2014-2019, the government undertook to make Brussels a digital capital and digitalisation a major axis of its development programme.

The Smart City strategy (approved by the Government in February 2017) sets the trajectories for the digital and Smart City priorities for the Region. It is based on priorities linked to the European digital agenda (DESI index) and identifies other priorities linked to the Smart City context (transversality, pooling and reuse, digital inclusion, European dimension, governance and performance measurement).

It defines the role of the Region and the role of the BRIC, its key partner in carrying out Smart City projects.

This is the context in which the Government has asked the BRIC to set up a Smart City Office in order to coordinate the various Smart City initiatives in the Brussels Region.

To this end, a contract has been awarded comprising six sections:

Section 1: Stakeholders and participation process
Section 2: Government support, shared vision and main projects
Section 3: Governance: the Smart City Office
Section 4: Performance indicators and dashboard (KPIs)
Section 5: Roadmap proposal
Section 6: Proposal for open architecture principles and standards

After the evaluation of the tenders received by the BRIC teams, the Common Ground - KPMG - Sopra Steria consortium was awarded the contract.

A kick-off meeting was held on 19/02/2018.

Sections 1 and 2 concern participation in the broadest sense. These sections aim to ensure the commitment of the stakeholders: awareness, information, activation and finally an intensive process of co-creation with the stakeholders.

This is the most difficult component, but it is also the strong point of the tender selected. Common Ground will take charge of this part of the Smart City project.

The anticipated results are currently being drawn up but this is what is planned so far:

  • A joint Brussels Smart City communication plan with the BRIC and the regional partners. The communication will continue throughout the project to encourage suggestions and keep the partners and the general public informed about the progress of the workshops.
  • 20 bilateral meetings with the quadruple helix of Brussels Smart City players (civilian society, the academic world, public and private partners) to win them over to the project, gain their support, identify and set in motion ideas and plans for the Brussels Smart City projects.  
  • Four collaborative workshops with the Brussels regional administrations to work on their visions in terms of the added value of Smart City projects for their organisation, identify collaborations, generate ideas for projects and think together about governance, in particular the composition and way of working of the Smart City Governance Board.  
  • Drafting of a Brussels Smart City ambition memo for the coming three years and a list of proposed projects, based on the content of meetings, workshops and suggestions.
  • Setting up of the Smart City Governance Board with representatives of all the stakeholders (quadruple helix).
  • 20 multidisciplinary workshops over a six-month period on five topics to thoroughly rework the Smart City projects that are to be implemented.
  • Drafting and presentation of detailed project sheets and appointment of the Jury with members of the Government to select the best projects and integrate them into a roadmap.

Sections 3 and 4 focus on the actual management of the Smart City Office: running meetings, rolling out a collaborative working tool, drawing up and publishing specific KPIs for the Brussels Smart City projects.

Sections 5 and 6 concern the production of a roadmap and the architecture. We will give you details of these sections in a forthcoming bulletin.

We will be sure to keep you regularly up to date on this project.

However, do not hesitate to contact Céline Vanderborght for more detailed information.