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Covid-19: you still have to think about GDPR!

Take a look at the new BRIC brochure to find out what you need to know
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The Covid-19 pandemic is now affecting everyone on a global scale. Since confinement started, we have had to rethink our working practices, reorganise our day-to-day life, and find a different way of handling our family and social interactions.

In these particularly unsettled times, new technologies are clearly being seen as the solution for keeping in touch: with friends, family, your employer and colleagues, the municipal authorities, the regional administrations, etc.

And where there is communication and an exchange of information, even now there still has to be "compliance with GDPR".

Are you still having problems finding what you need?

Take a look at the new brochure (French-Dutch) that the BRIC has put together. So there is no time to lose in complying with GDPR standards! Do you need help? Contact the BRIC!