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Connecting to IRISBox? With Itsme, of course!

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IRISBox, the electronic counter of the Brussels Region developed by the BRIC, is now equipped with Itsme, a handy identification system that makes it even easier for the inhabitants of Brussels to organise their municipal administration.

An app as proof of identity

Itsme was created in 2017 by a banking consortium that wanted to create “a unique digital counterpart to the digital identity card” in the form of a handy smartphone app. A telephone and internet connection are therefore sufficient to open a session and put your administrative affairs in order.

The app is very user-friendly. Once you’ve downloaded it and created a profile using your eID or payment card and card reader, you can log in in no time: open the app, simply confirm your identity using a five-digit code or your fingerprint and you’re ready! 

Bonus: if you have urgent matters to deal with, you can get started right away. You don’t have to worry about sudden updates of eID-related software, annoying compatibility problems between the eID and certain editions of browsers or operating systems, or your eID codes, which you have of course forgotten. 

IRISBox even handier

IRISBox, the electronic counter of the regional administrations and the municipalities of Brussels, processed more than 100,000 documents in 2017. The number of users also increased by almost half.

By integrating Itsme into IRISBox, the BRIC aims to further stimulate the use of the electronic counter on behalf of the Brussels-Capital Region. This not only makes life easier for citizens, but also saves municipal authorities time, which can then be used for other initiatives. 

In short, a win-win situation at all levels!