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Cadastre now available as open data

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Are you, as a citizen, looking for a particular property or building? From now on, that can be done quickly and easily as the cadastral land registry was recently made available as open data.

General access

This is a positive thing for the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), who manages the Brussels UrbIS P&B data (Parcels & Building), too. Until recently, a written application had to be submitted to gain access to these data. Furthermore, only specific target groups such as public administrations were granted such access. These restrictions have now been lifted.

The data from UrbIS P&B (2D buildings) can now be linked more easily to the cadastre. This will lead to the full integration of our UrbIS P&B data in the second half of 2019.

What now?

The BRIC is currently working on a number of adaptations so that everyone can download the UrbIS P&B data in commonly used formats via UrbIS-Download. 

To find out more about UrbIS data, click here.