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#Brusselshacksthecrisis concludes with Demo Day on 30/7

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The student teams showed the results of their work during the Open Summer of Code 2020 at the well-attended OSOC20 Demo Day. By means of a flashy video, they gave us a glimpse of what to expect and attracted interested people to the project break-out rooms. Minister B. Clerfayt, Minister of the Brussels-Capital Government, responsible for Digitization, and who took the initiative for #brusselshacksthecrisis expressed his admiration for the work of the students.

A fascinating dialogue and interactive exchange between the OSOC20 participants, the creators of the app ideas and the general public took place in the break-out rooms. Both apps turned out to be very popular and everyone hopes that they can be developed quickly for all Brussels residents.

And that was exactly the whole purpose of #Brusselshacksthecrisis: to propose a digital solution for Brussels residents to help them shape their city and region after the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown period.

On our Instagram account, you can watch the videos of both projects, BetterBikeBrussels and WalkByBrussels, in your own time. We will keep you informed of any further progress. The prototypes are currently being subjected to a thorough analysis by the BRIC, both in terms of functionally and data. The outcome will determine how much work remains to be done to turn them into an app available to everyone.