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Brussels Smart City: we’re all going digital!

Let’s meet on 1 December from 12  to 5pm at the Halles-Saint-Géry for our Brussels Smart City event,  “We’re all going digital!”
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After zooming in on education, culture, the economy and local authorities, we are shifting our focus to digital inclusion for our fifth Brussels Smart City.

Developing online public services isn’t enough – we should also ensure that everyone is ready to use them.

There are many associations trying to make sure that as many people as possible are digitally educated. That is why we decided to give the fifth Brussels Smart City event the look and feel of a market. At this special market, around thirty associations will present their digital inclusion activities: programming workshops for children, apps and tablets for disabled people, online data protection advice, connected services enabling elderly people to stay in their homes, courses and initiations, etc.

These workshops will allow everyone from the age of 6, to discover programming, virtually reality, FabLab activities, etc.

Furthermore, there will be IT Doctors to help you with any smartphone or computer issues you may have, for example by downloading an app, configuring your e-mail account or browser, etc.

Finally, there will be a ‘digital daycare’ so that parents of young children can visit the booths and attend the workshops without any rush.

Of course, the BRIC will also be present with our very own booth where we will be giving demonstrations of IRISbox, Brussels online admin services tool, and the FixMyStreet platform.

Be sure to come and visit us at the Halles-Saint-Géry on Saturday, 1 December from 12 noon to 5.00 pm.

Event's summary

Video 1: professional inclusion

Video 2: the young people and IT

Video 3: the vulnerable public