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Brusafe: the BRIC is involved

Collaboration with the future Regional College for Security, Prevention and Rescue Professions
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The BRIC is currently working on the installation of Brusafe - the future Regional College for Security, Prevention and Rescue Professions - at Blue Star, a site undergoing renovation in Haren.

Brusafe will open in late 2019-early 2020 and will comprise the Regional and Intercommunal Police College (ERIP), the Brussels Fire Service Training Centre (CFPB), the Institute of Training in Emergency Medical Aid (IFAMU) and a small part of the Regional Public Administration College (ERAP). Bringing these bodies together on the same site will allow them to pool their shared processes and develop synergies between all the professions in the safety and prevention chain.

The site will be developed in several stages, the first of which will coincide with the opening of the college in late 2019-early 2020.

In this context, the BRIC is on site for the installation of the new campus's IT infrastructure from scratch and the migration of the existing hardware and software to this new infrastructure.

To do this, Brusafe is relying on the BRIC for a large number of turnkey services and on the E-catalogue for the latest education technology!

The creation of the Regional Security Professions College is the result of the Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP) prepared by Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS).