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BOS (Back Office Secretariat) – New administrative console

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The BOS platform allows for an optimal electronic management of the secretariat at meetings and assemblies. Other than accessing and validating documents, BOS makes it possible to fully view files and, in a wider sense, allows for a better overview of your administration’s management, reuniting all parties concerned in a transparent, collaborative and logical process.

This solution offers many advantages and has convinced many clients. BOS currently has 47 customers, including 17 municipal administrations, 13 public social assistance centres, 4 police zones, regional bodies such as the Brussels regional public service and Parking Brussels, executive organisations including IRISteam and IRISnet, the Common Community Commission (COCOM), the French Community Commission (COCOF) and the government of the Brussels-Capital Region. Currently, 7,000 users from these administrations use our platform daily. Over 650,000 files and almost 3,000,000 documents are processed through the platform!

Following the recent municipal elections, user changes will take place in the municipal administrations, public social assistance centres and police zones. To date, these changes have been made by the BOS team at the BRIC.
This will change as of 2 November 2018 following the launch of an administration console enabling users to control their platform through the following options:

  • New member creation
  • New member acess
  • Member deletion
  • Template label changes
  • Workflow adaption

This is a significant improvement for platform users which will save everyone time. Training courses will take place as from 6 November in order to familiarise users with the console and enable them to update data as soon as new representatives are appointed.

Many thanks to the BOS teams for their involvement in this project!