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Blurring of orthophoto maps

Consequences for the old geoservers
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In line with the legal obligations to be fulfilled by cartographic data producers, the BRIC has blurred the UrbIS orthophoto maps.

This obligation covers a scope of 50 metres around the target zones defined by the federal government and more specifically the Ministry of Defence.

The blurred orthophoto maps are now accessible for the years 2009-2012-2014-2015 and 2016 on the BRIC Geoserver infrastructure:

As regards the orthophoto plans circulated by the ArcGIS REST service, only those dating from 2012 will undergo this blurring. The other orthophoto maps will be permanently deleted from ArcGIS.
The discontinuation of the ArcGIS services will have consequences for the applications that still use the old Geoservers ( In fact, the orthophotos are to be removed from these servers. It should be remembered that the old Geoserver infrastructure is currently being decommissioned.

All orthophoto users are therefore advised to use the new Geoservers from now on.

The deletion process is scheduled for 27 February 2017.

If you have further questions or any problems, please contact: IRISLine –

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