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Beware of the mask scam... online!

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The Federal Government has recently confirmed that it will soon be mandatory to wear masks in railway stations, on public transport, etc.

The hunt for masks is on! But unlike an Easter egg hunt, which can be fun, mask hunting can be quite dangerous: bad quality, no delivery, identity theft, ...
In March 2020, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) received an average of more than 8,600 suspicious emails per day on this topic, and was able to block 4,500 unique URLs. The CCB also states that 1,165 new .be domain names have been registered in recent weeks, referring to COVID-19 and, more specifically, to face masks.

So, be careful which online store you buy your masks from!

A few clues to help you identify the right sites:

  • The site is an https on every page.
  • The .be site has very precise legal notices in accordance with Belgian law, as well as general terms and conditions of sale, a privacy policy and a cookies page.
  • The .be site sells at least in French and Dutch, an obligation under the Act of 24 January 1977 on the protection of consumer health with regard to foodstuffs and other products.  

If the site is unknown, do some research to see what comments have been made about the online store.

If the buying process is unusual or the price is ridiculously low, beware...

Always remain critical! Use sites that are well known and where you are used to shopping.

Consult the FPS Economy page so you can recognise the correct FFP2 and FFP3 medical masks.

But if you come across a fraudulent site, don't hesitate to alert the safeonweb unit by email: and to consult the latest news on the subject