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Belgium in Pléiades satellite images

The entire country covered in very high resolution
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satellite image of Belgium


Cooperation between the BRIC and BELSPO (federal science policy office), IGN (national geographic institute), the Geomatics Department of the SPW (Walloon Public Service) and the AGIV (Flemish geographic information agency) has given rise to a new portal, the Belgian Pléiades Archive (BPA).


The BPA, which is intended for Belgian administrations, organisations and entities that fulfil a public service mission, provides full coverage of Belgium in the form of very high resolution satellite images (50 cm), free of charge. Airbus Defence and Space offers Pléiades images at advantageous rates via the same portal. All the images acquired by approved Belgian users are archived in the BPA portal and made available free of charge to other approved users within three months of their acquisition.



Pléiades is the optical component of the dual Franco-Italian ORFEO system, which aims to fulfil civilian and military needs in Europe in the field of very high resolution optical and radar imagery.

The Pléiades satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of 694 km. They are equipped with an optical instrument that can take panchromatic images with a resolution of 70 cm, which are then resampled on the ground to 50 cm, and multispectral images in four bands (blue, green, red and near infrared) with a resolution of 2.8 m, resampled to 2 m. Combining the panchromatic images and the multispectral images results in colour images with a resolution of 50 cm.


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