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bedigital: Brussels' new 'digital' brand

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The Brussels-Capital Region wants to turn Brussels into a digital capital by tackling the challenges of urban development through technologies, supporting innovation and encouraging the participation of citizens, businesses and academic circles.

To date, the government has set up the following three tools to promote the digital ecosystem in its territory:

1.    The Smart City strategy, which defines the roadmaps for the Region’s digital and Smart City priorities. 

2.    The Regional Innovation Plan, which aims to be the reference framework for Brussels’ research and innovation policy as well as a lever for socio-economic development improving the well-being of the people of Brussels. 

3.    The NextTech Plan, which aims to support and promote the growth of ICT businesses.

In order to consolidate the Brussels digital plans, we have set up an umbrella brand:

In relation to this, we would like to announce the launch of our new reference portal,, which groups together all of Brussels’ digital initiatives.

This website is the result of a collaboration between the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (Innoviris) and Hub (the Brussels Business Support Agency, created by the merger of Atrium, Brussels Invest & Export and Impulse). 

It contains a great deal of interesting information: 

  • Key people of Brussels’ digital sector, including their e-mail addresses, making it possible to contact them directly
  • Players in some way involved in the digital sector (public bodies, IT training and awareness initiatives, IT business coaching and networking, incubators and co-working spaces, financing)
  • Calls for projects
  • Success stories