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Atomia Brussels’ Women for Science prize - Fr. Du Mortier

Final deadline for applications: 14 February!
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It’s no secret to anyone: women are not sufficiently represented in research and innovation in the field of science. For instance, barely 30 % of the scientific articles published in the world come from women.
In Belgium, just 14 % of teachers in higher education are women. The same applies in the Brussels-Capital Region. What is more, the Region has a higher unemployment level than the neighbouring regions, the main cause of which is under-qualification: 65 % of job seekers do not have their certificate of secondary education!
So everything that contributes towards attracting young people, and specifically women, to scientific studies is worth taking up.
In this respect, the initiative of the Brussels Minister for Scientific Research, Céline Fremault deserves to be stressed. She is launching the “Atomia” prize which aims to promote the position of women in scientific research and innovation in the Brussels-Capital Region and to inspire young women in Brussels to embrace a scientific career.
The prize is subdivided into two categories:

  • the “junior” category will encourage  a young woman from Brussels, aged 35 or under, who stands out due to her scientific career or scientific projects and activities that show interesting potential,
  • the “senior” category will reward a woman from Brussels aged over 35 with an exemplary scientific career behind her or who has made a remarkable personal contribution in a field of research.

Prize money: € 10,000 per category.
Full details of this prize can be found on the Innoviris website. Applications must be submitted by 2.00 pm on 14 February 2014 at the latest. So don’t delay!