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An UrbIS Users Club in December 2016

The BRIC is organising a UrbIS event on 8 December 2016
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Users Club UrbIS

The initial results of the working group to establish an authentic source for the administrative boundaries in Belgium (state, regions, provinces, communes, etc.) will first be presented. Other subjects to be covered during this UrbIS Users Club: the management of geographic information within Brussels Mobility and in particular the MobiGIS platform, masking military infrastructures on cartographic products and the cartography of crisis planning and management in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Finally, the results of the work carried out in collaboration with the BRIC to define the technical specifications for producing topographical land surveys of the hydrographic network in the Brussels-Capital Region will be set out.

The presentation of UrbIS current affairs will close this busy UrbIS Users Club, which will include the introduction of the Best Address register, cadastralisation, the deliverables from the 2016 flight, the users survey, the 2016Q3 and 2016Q4 distributions and the evolution of 3D.

As the number of places available is limited, confirm your presence quickly!