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A regional Open Data portal

Data freely available for access and use in various formats on
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The portal, devised by the BRIC, serves as the sole point of entry for data sets from Brussels public services and their partners. It contains data freely available for access and use in various formats on mobility, health, the environment, cartography and other subjects.  These data are accessible to everyone; they form particularly useful sources of information for universities and journalists, businesses and start-ups, etc.

The BRIC, Brussels Urban Development, Brussels Mobility, Cambio, JCDecaux, Bruxelles Environnement,, the STIB (Brussels public transport company) and ZenCar are the first nine organisations from the public and private sectors to take part in the Brussels-Capital Region Open Data strategy.

The BRIC manages the portal's technical platform, provides support and advice and has also been entrusted with the role of data coordinator.  In this capacity, it will supervise the implementation of rules and good practices for the protection of privacy, data licences, the preparation of metadata and the application of standards. The BRIC will also take regular stock of the progress made with the implementation of the Open Data plan and lead a regional working group on this topic. Finally, the BRIC will work to promote the Open Data platform.

Open Data is part of the Region's Smart City strategy. The aim is to promote innovation through new services that use open data to improve the quality of life of residents, visitors and businesses in Brussels and its region.

The portal was devised at the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region and in conjunction with Brussels Mobility, Bruxelles Environnement and the Flemish Region.