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Sources of inspiration for the Brussels-Capital Region of tomorrow

Monthly Carte Blanche until May 2019
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Hervé Feuillien

For 30 years now, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre has been supplying innovative ICT solutions and acting as a driving force behind digitalisation. Our organisation works to make Brussels an attractive and prosperous digital region where new technologies help improve the quality of life for everyone and promote economic development.

As we approach the end of the current parliamentary term, fifteen leading figures have been invited to publish a Carte Blanche on the BRIC website between January 2018 and June 2019: an opportunity for each of them to share their vision for the Brussels-Capital Region of tomorrow and express their wishes in terms of regional ICT for the next parliamentary term (2019-2024).

For the decision-makers in our Region, each Carte Blanche will serve as a monthly source of inspiration for a more inclusive, digital and sustainable Brussels, both a Smart Region and an international showcase.

Hervé Feuillien, Director General

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