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Cartography, cartographic tools and applications of the Brussels-Capital Region
UrbIS®© comprises a set of geographical databases of the Brussels-Capital Region and online services enabling the convenient use of these data. Anyone can access UrbIS®©. It is free to use, covered by an Open Data licence, and the data are constantly updated.

There are three different UrbIS®© access options to choose from, based on your needs and your resources:

UrbIS Data

If you are a skilled user of geographical information systems and appropriate software, UrbIS Data is made for you.

UrbIS Data brings together a set of cartographic and alphanumeric data specific to the Brussels-Capital Region. UrbIS Data groups together six products: UrbIS-Fot (aerial photos), UrbIS-Ortho (orthophotomaps), UrbIS-Topo (topographical maps), UrbIS-Adm (administrative database), UrbIS-Map (base maps) and UrbIS-P&B (parcel maps).

UrbIS Tools

If you are a computer specialist who wishes to use the UrbIS data in your applications, choose the various UrbIS Tools solutions to access the most up-to-date UrbIS®© data at any time: the address search service, WMS, WMTS, WFS and REST. Download them directly or consult them in service mode for applications without data processing. For instance, you can superimpose your own data, search for addresses and much more.

UrbIS Applications

For those without MIS software, the BRIC offers interactive online cartographic applications to manage your professional data on an UrbIS®© base map. You can use the UrbIS Online geolocation tool to search for a route in Brussels or create an interactive map for your own website. With the online UrbISaaS service you can create, adapt, share and distribute your own geospatial data in a shared online environment at a lower cost.

Infos & contact

The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!