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UrbIS applications

Interactive cartographic applications to be downloaded
UrbIS applications is the name of a set of applications to manage professional data in the UrbIS®© repository.


With UrbISaaS you can create, display and process your geographic data in a collaborative online environment simply and efficiently. You connect to the service through internet and, depending on your profile, you access a number of professional MIS applications, without having to worry about costly hardware or installing specialised software.

UrbISaaS can be easily incorporated into any IT environment. Your data remain accessible at all times, wherever you are.

Among other functions, UrbISaaS enables you to create, adapt and analyse geospatial data, surveys (including trees and signs) or other data (such as floods).

Based on an evaluation of your specific geospatial data needs, the BRIC offers you a very affordable, totally personalised WEB MIS service as soon as possible, tailored to your needs, without functions you don’t require.

UrbIS Online

UrbIS Online allows you to search for an address, display it on the UrbIS map and search for a route.

You can also follow the example of the BRIC, the Commune of Schaerbeek and Bruxelles social by using UrbIS Online to draw and save cartographic data on UrbIS base maps as well as publishing a map on your own website without any development.

Info & contact

The BRIC offers this service. IRISteam only charges for the work done by IRISteam staff. Like to find out more? Contact us!