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Not only is access to UrbIS products free of charge, but their use is subject to an Open Data licence (in French)! A tool is provided to download most UrbIS data. You can choose a product and a download format. You can also select the zone to be downloaded: a commune, a parcel or a zone that you can outline yourself.
The UrbIS P&B data are accessible here.

(UrbIS Data: 13/01/2017)

UrbIS Data Download

It is now two years since the UrbIS-Adm and UrbIS-Map products were merged to meet various needs: avoid redundant information, correct errors, facilitate data reading, structure geographic information to correspond more coherently to the reality on the ground, etc.
The UrbIS data model was significantly modified as a result.
To help you migrate your data from the old to the new data model, we published a release note that accompanied each stage in the development of the UrbIS model.  After two years, it is now time to switch your applications and your tools entirely to this new model.
This is why the ‘old model’ UrbIS data will no longer be accessible on the BRIC website as of 31 March 2017.  If you would like to find out more, please send your questions by e-mail to

-  Version 2015 Q1 – previous model UrbIS-Adm
-  Version 2016 Q4 – new model UrbIS-Adm