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Gaining access

 To gain access to data from authentic sources, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. fill in the access request form,
  2. contribute to the feasibility study,
  3. sign the subscription form or forms supplied by the BRIC after the feasibility study
  4. if necessary, Fidus will submit the request to the coordination committee which will accord a priority rating leading to a schedule,
  5. if appropriate, request 'privacy' authorisations (or use an existing general authorisation),
  6. draw up new flows and/or adapt existing flows,
  7. adapt your applications for the trade or profession to interact with the flows; this involves using certifications issued by the BRIC Information Security Consultant and calling on web services and/or sftp exchanges,
  8. take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to bring your information system into line with the security measures recommended by the Privacy Commission,
  9. test and validate,
  10. put into production,
  11. submit a processing declaration to the Privacy Commission,
  12. assess the service periodically.


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